Officers and Governance


Officers, 2017-2018


Dr. LouAnn Visconti



Dr. David Stevenson
Dr. Kim Hansen
Dr. Jack McLister

Board of Directors
Dr. Lisa Bentley, Halton-Peel
Dr. Charles Frank, Essex
Dr. John Glenny, Jr., West Toronto
Dr. Lesli Hapak, Essex
Dr. William Hawrysh, Halton-Peel
Dr. Maneesh Jain, Waterloo-Wellington
Dr. Grace Lee, Ottawa
Dr. Melissa Milligan, West Toronto
Dr. Roch St-Aubin, Sudbury
Dr. Andrew Syriopoulos, Toronto East
Dr. Don Young, Thunder Bay

Chair of the General Council
Dr. Roger Howard, Ottawa

Vice-Chair of the General Council
Dr. Blake Clemes, Waterloo-Wellington

Executive Staff
Mr. Frank Bevilacqua, CEO and Executive Director
Mr. Ian Farmer, Director, Finance and Administration
Mr. David Gentili, Director, Professional and Government Affairs
Mr. Alex Glazduri, Director, Membership Services and Marketing
Ms. Ingrid McDonald, Director, Human Resources and Chief Privacy Officer
Mr. Marcus Staviss, Director, Communications, Public Affairs and Events

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General Council
The General Council consists of approximately 110 ODA Dentists. It is made up of representatives from the ODA’s 39 Component Societies (based on a representation-by-population system) as well as two students, one from each dental faculty (University of Toronto and Western University). Council’s responsibilities include electing the Board of Directors and approving changes to the ODA’s By-laws and policies in support of the By-laws. Each recognized specialty section is invited to send one non-voting observer to meetings of Council. Council meets twice a year.

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is a body of 15 dentists consisting of four Elective Officers (President, Immediate Past President, President-Elect, and Vice-President) and 11 other members elected by the General Council. The Board is charged, on behalf of its members, with the careful and responsible governance of the ODA. This includes ensuring that the strategic priorities and policies of the ODA are fulfilled. Much of the Board’s work is carried out through its three Board committees – Audit, Finance and Risk Committee; Human Resources and Compensation Committee; and Governance and Nominating Committee – each of which is constituted entirely of Board members. The Board elects the Vice-President (from among themselves) and committee members (from ODA Dentists at large). The Board is accountable to the General Council.

Advisory Committees and Task Forces
Advisory committees are accountable to, and report regularly to, the CEO and Executive Director. There are four advisory committees – Economics, Education, Health Policy and Government Relations and Membership Services and Programs – and all other committees and task forces report to the advisory committees. Committee reports are made to the Executive Director, who in turn makes reports to the Board. The Board sets committee terms of reference and elects committee members.

Executive Team and Staff
Staff provide support to ODA Dentists at large, primarily through their work advising and supporting committees. The Staff Policy Advisor is a member of the Executive Team who provides information and guidance to the committee and acts as a liaison between the committee, the Executive Director and the Board of Directors. The Staff Support provides clerical support and completes other projects as requested by the Staff Policy Advisor.