The ODA says learning healthy habits at school age essential to good long-term oral health

September 9, 2008

Toronto, ON – As kids head back to school this month, the Ontario Dental Association (ODA) is urging parents to include oral health education as part of their preparations.
“Children need the very best start in life and in school,” says ODA President Dr. Larry Levin. “Tooth decay, when left untreated, can cause a child pain, can hamper their ability to concentrate and affect their overall health. September is a great time to make oral health part of your back-to-school preparations. Help prevent tooth decay and send your kids to school with healthy mouths.”

To assist parents in optimizing their children’s oral health as they start the new school year, offers important information on what everyone needs to know:

  • FACT: A child’s toothbrush should be changed every one to three months or immediately after an illness.
    TIP: When shopping for school supplies and new clothes, look for a new toothbrush as well.
    (Visit the Brushing & Oral Care page in the Children’section)

  •  FACT: Saliva inhibits the growth of bacteria that contribute to tooth decay and gum disease.
    TIP: Save sweets for mealtimes rather than between meals, as the amount of saliva produced at mealtimes will help protect your child’s teeth.
    (Visit the Back to School Nutrition page in the Children’section)

  • FACT: Mouthguards not only protect a child’s teeth, they may also prevent concussions and other serious injuries to the head and jaw.
    Remember to either purchase a mouthguard for each child or discuss this with your dentist. Mouthguards should be used even for non-contact sports, such as gymnastics and volleyball.
    (Visit the Sports & Activities page in the Oral Health & Your Body section) encourages kids to learn more about their own oral health through the Kids’ Zone, a fun and interactive page that helps explain proper dental hygiene. There is also a video library, which contains more than 70 educational videos that illustrate dental procedures and techniques in a quick and informative way.

“ helps parents and children alike go back to school and learn together the importance of dental hygiene,” Dr. Levin says. “By making oral health care part of a back-to-school routine, you will help educate your children about healthy habits that will last them a lifetime.”


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Our September ODA SoundBite features Dr. Larry Levin, President of the Ontario Dental Association, on oral health and back-to-school activities.

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