ODA Says Easter Sweets Can Still be a Treat


The ODA offers tips on how to enjoy the special holiday without fretting over your teeth

April 9, 2009

Toronto, ON ? Whether you plan to decorate eggs or hunt for delicious chocolate bunnies, the Ontario Dental Association (ODA) reminds parents and kids of some simple oral health-care tips and practices that can help you have a healthy and ?hoppy? Easter celebration.

"Easter doesn't have to be a leap from your oral health-care routine," says ODA President, Dr. Larry Levin. "Eat chocolate or candy in moderation, preferably after a meal, and then just make sure you brush and floss shortly thereafter."

The ODA's website, www.youroralhealth.ca, offers plenty of tips to ensure a happy and healthy Easter. Some of these include:


  • Have your child brush and floss after eating sugary sweets
  • Save treats for just after mealtimes, when the amount of saliva produced is greater and will help protect your child?s teeth
  • Finish your meals and snacks with dairy products, like milk or cheese.
  • Dairy acts as a buffer to the acids produced by oral bacteria and re-mineralizes areas of early tooth decay.
  • Milk and cheese are healthy compliments to sweets because of their high calcium content and nutritious value.
  • Eating sugary sweets is fine when done in moderation.
  • Store candy in a sealed container and establish times when your child can have a treat.

"Chocolate and sugary treats are difficult to avoid on special occasions", says Dr. Levin. "If you maintain a good oral health-care routine, your family can enjoy all the sweets they want."

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